Creature Type: Totem Spirit
Affiliation: Gaian in general and with the Wolves of Montauk specifically.
Location: Montauk Point Lighthouse, Montauk, New York
Known Abilities: Affinities with light and the ability to pathfind for his pack.

Image: In the spirit, Sirius often appears to be a small dog made of stars. When associating with his pack, he tends to take the form of a terrier mix not unlike those the Russians would send to space during the cosmonaught program.

Sirius, also known as the dog star, is the brightest in the night sky. Of special import to the Egyptians, they celebrated the start of their year when Sirius rose with the sun. Several other human cultures recognized the canine qualities of the star as well, creating legends about dogs with qualities from noble loyalty to unmatchable speed. The Incarna Sirius does favor a canine form, and so feels a particular fondness for the Garou. He is recognized as a totem of Wisdom because his gifts to his children focus on marking the passage of time and making predictions, but the Dog Star is still fond of a good race.

Sirius chose his pack when they allowed his small hints to guide them through an adventure through the Aetherial Realm, eventually rescuing two of the crew of the Skylab, including one Glass Walker kinfolk who had long been a faithful devotee of his. In exchange he agreed to empower them as a totem, usually residing within the Montauk Point Lighthouse Lens until he is needed.

On occasion he has been known to be able to inhabit the body of a member of the pack, which is often considered to be an impossible feat. He did so initially when Cleo nearly died in space while rescuing the crew of the Skylab, and again when Nico was subjected to fierce Despair by the Cleansing Bane.

While visiting the Red Talon Homeland, Sirius was touched by Griffon, granting him a taste of feral strength and insight.


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