Creature Type: Mage
Affiliation: Weaver (Though they seem unaware of it and often work counter-purpose.)
Location: Only encountered at the New York City Center for Space Science Education thus far.
Known Abilities: As will-workers, they seem to have any number of unpredictable abilities.

The Technocracy is the Faction of Mages that exemplifies the essence of Stasis. This does not mean that the Technocracy wishes reality to become one unchanging mass, but rather that slow controlled growth that leads to lasting results is preferable to sudden changes whose effect on the world is unpredictable at best.

The Technocracy’s ideals are directly opposed to that of the Traditions. Where the Traditions believe in Personal Identity, the Technocracy believes in Ordered Structure. Where the Traditions believe in sudden bursts of creativity, the Technocracy believes in rational, controlled change. Where the Traditions look back to their glory days for inspiration, the Technocracy looks forward to the unknown future.

Contrary to popular belief, the ultimate goal of the Technocratic Union is Ascension, they just couch it in different terms and methods. They work towards an awakened world that is safe and secure. To this end, the Union works to rid the world of supernatural influences that they refer to as Reality Deviants. Their Primary focus is on the Mages of the World, as those individuals have the power to directly change the world through will alone, however Kindred, Garou, The Fallen, and even The Imbued occasionally cross the line and are labeled Reality Deviants.

The second way in which the Technocrats seek to enlighten the world is through the advancement of the Time Table. The Time Table is the Grand Master Plan of the Union’s Inner Circle. It represents their Goals, and the potential release dates of certain forms of Technology.

Technocratic Magic is expressed through Super Science. They’re the Men in Black with the Noisy Crickets, Shoulder Mounted Nuke Catapults, and the Phased Plasma Rifles in the 40 watt range. They’re the ones who can turn Cell Phones into Sonar emitters, Mirror Shades into X-ray glasses, and your Toaster into a Fusion Battery. They just need to upgrade it with some techno babble, a few transistors, and maybe a small amount of Plutonium.

Just as they perceive Magic as Science, they perceive Paradox as Mechanical Failure or Flawed Computations, sometimes called the Paradox Effect. When your laptop’s processor fries itself, your car’s engine refuses to turn over, or your light bulb burns out, that’s the Paradox effect at work. Wonder why we don’t have Fusion Reactors giving us free energy? It’s the Paradox effect. They can’t explain it in terms we understand yet, and so the Paradox effect kicks in and proves to us that our figures are wrong and we need to go back to the drawing board. Lord help us if they missed something on the Large Hadron Collider.

The pack’s solitary experience with a Technocrat thus far was at the New York Center for Space Science Education, where a powerful willworker was attempting to destroy a link with the Skylab. Gauging from what the Queen had to say on the matter, it was part of a concentrated effort to destroy humanity’s hope for a future among the stars. Why the Technocracy would do such a thing isn’t yet clear to the pack.


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