The Patriarch

Creature Type: Spirit
Affiliation: Weaver
Location: The CyberRealm
Known Abilities: As a greater Jaggling bloated on Gnosis, he proved very physically strong and immune to most conventional weaponry. He also boasted a veritable army of Weaver spirits at his command.

Image: To Garou senses, he appeared as a hulking behemoth of a white man, with greasy black hair and beady eyes. His bulk was stuffed into an overpriced and ill-fitting suit, and he didn’t drop his ever-burning cigar until his demise.

Once the youngest of the Uptown Lords ruling the CyberRealm, the Patriarch seemed an avid and eager ally of the Garou, particularly the Glass Walkers. That facade rapidly unravelled during the pack’s journey with Kleon Winston to petition him for assistance with Cash’s cybernetic skeleton malfunctioning. In a sudden coup, the Patriarch had convinced the other Uptown Lords to revoke Garou passcodes to enter the Uptown district, and began an unsubtle pogrom against the wolves, decimating all who were unprepared. Only the bulk of the CyberWolves remained, as they had already been battling the Lords for years.

After repeatedly battling his forces and having to retreat from the realm to recuperate, the pack made a very controversial deal with the Yomi Lord Mikaboshi to acquire the codes needed to assault the Patriarch directly. Even without his guardians, the Uptown Lord proved capable of standing his own against the entirety of the pack, dealing grievous harm before they finally succeeded in draining him of Gnosis and kicking him from his skyscraper into the starving mobs below.

The Patriarch

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