The Thirteen

Creature Type: Garou (Black Spiral Dancers)
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: Unknown, but at least some are located in New York.
Known Abilities: The same as any other Garou, though specifics are uncertain.

The Thirteen is an unofficial name for the thirteen sons of Gregornous, prophesied to battle until there remains only one, who will take his place at their father’s side. In truth, the title is erroneous, as Amun makes a fourteenth son, and there are currently rumors of a sister outside of the prophecy.

Thus far, only two have been met. Apep was found at the Sept of the Hand of Gaia, having turned himself in for asylum. The Children of Gaia currently shelter him, seeking to cleanse his Wyrm-taint.

Uto arrived at the edge of the pack’s territory, using banes to lure Amun to him. There, the tall and dangerous-looking African Garou made a deal to provide his brother with information on the Wyrm’s forces, so long as he and his brother would join together to slay their siblings.

The Thirteen

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