Creature Type: Human
Affiliation: None, obsessed with Cleo
Location: Kroder’s Pass, Canada
Known Abilities: Kinfolk, but otherwise a normal human.

Image: A strikingly handsome Amerindian man of average height and build, usually found wearing the simple and warm blue-collar clothing of the locals.

John Turnbull is one of many Wendigo kinfolk living in Kroder’s Pass, largely content to simply live out his life and assist the native Garou in any fashion he can. This changed when he first laid eyes on the pack and particularly Cleo, whom he immediately took an untoward interest in.

Obscuring his interest behind the fa├žade of wanting to be a good samaritan, he approached the pack and offered his assistance in seeing them settled in and escaping the notice of the local Wendigo. Though clearly and openly hostile to the other men in the pack, he remained nothing but pleasant toward Cleo herself.

In the end, she found he couldn’t take no for an answer and very nearly had to bludgeon him to escape. They haven’t seen him since.


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