Valkenburg Foundation

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: Gaian
Occupants: Gretchen Valkenburg, her staff and the several Lost Cubs and Lunatics they care for.

In the pack’s territory, there exists an institute dedicated to the care and healing of mental patients, patients who are particularly dangerous and violent and usually of multiple personality. Local residents stay well away from this place, knowing how dangerous the inmates are, for many are famed in tabloid lore for their brutal crimes.

They have good reason for their fear, for these patients are indeed mad. But madness alone could not cause their feats of terror and derangement. Only the blood of the Changing Breed can cause such rage. Only the Lunatic Garou are so crazed. The institute, called the Valkenburg Foundation, is dedicated to the healing of these poor Garou, those who had no one to aid them in the First Change. Alone and unsure of the horrible feelings they experienced, these Garou resisted their natural urges with supreme willpower. They resisted the Change and their heritage thereof. However, no amount of willpower can be marshaled to deny one’s very nature; the strain broke them,
leaving them with shattered personalities.

The Foundation gathers Lunatics from all over, extracting them from human or wolf society. They are then brought to the institute, for study to help them adjust to their nature. Often it is too late for the Lunatics to adjust to being shapechangers. In these cases, the Foundation works to make them comfortable with only one of their forms, Lupus or Homid. They then release them into their form’s natural environment, keeping a silent watch on them for the first few months. Their cure success rate has been phenomenal. But this has not avoided the raging controversy among the Garou as to the Foundation’s right to exist. Many lupus doubt the need for the institute. They believe the Lunatics must be allowed to die or thrive as their mad nature allows. If death be their fate, so be it, but otherwise the Garou should not interfere. They further argue that, by releasing them back into society or the wilderness, they risk the blood line, tainting it with sick blood.

Homids, however, argue otherwise, with help from the Children of Gaia. They see reform of the Lunatics to be healthy for the Garou. In this time of dwindling population, they believe that any Garou is worth saving.

The Wolves of Montauk have lived in harmony with the Foundation, allowing it’s construction in their territory and supporting the organization’s aims. However, with the death of Harold Masters and a serious breach of the Veil, both the pack and the Sept of the Green find themselves reconsidering.

Valkenburg Foundation

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