Affiliation: Often Wyrm-tainted, though they seem unaware of the Gaian conflict.
Location: Uncertain, but seemingly everywhere urban and sometimes even the wilds.
Known Abilities: Unclear

From the stories, werewolves and vampires have been battling bloody wars throughout the world for millennia. Most werewolves seem to think the only good leech is a dead Leech, though the Sept of the Green has maintained a modestly peaceful relationship with the local bloodsuckers in general, and in particular with the disfigured Nosferatu.

While the average Garou is a creature of the wilds, vampires are monsters of the city. They survive on human blood after all, and the forests are filled with the claws and teeth of their age-old Garou foes.

It is known the Leeches are empowered by human blood, enabling them strength and speed, though rarely to such a degree as a powerful Garou. There are many rumors of ‘great elders’ that even the average vampire is afraid of, but such things haven’t been heard of for ages. It’s also known that the sun is anathema to them, as is fire. Beyond that, the pack’s experience is limited to say the least.


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