Vo’lag, the Lost Giants

Creature Type: Ancient horror
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: Montauk, New York
Known Abilities: Incredible strength and durability. One or two low Rank Gifts. Amazing craftsmanship.

The tribes that live toward t he north of the world keep tales of a great race of destroyers that swept across the world in times past and were hurled back only by great sacrifice and valor. The Fianna called them the Fomorians; to the Get of Fenris, they were the Jotunn. Even the Wendigo have tales of giants of great corruption and strength that only the greatest warriors among werewolves could match. In the tongue of the Wyrm, they are the Vo’lag. However they name themselves as appropriate to the area they invade; those that descend on the Get of Fenris’ homeland certainly answer to Jotunn, while those who strike to conquer Russia name themselves Tugarin.

Image: The lost giants are incredibly varied in appearance; some are hideously deformed, while others are beautiful even with their thick builds and palpable cruelty. All stand between eight and ten feet tall, with muscular frames that range from simple bulk to grotesque overdevelopment. Some have bestial features such as the head of a boar or the scale of a fish; others have immense horns, an unusual number of eyes, arms or even heads, or strange skin colors. Some even seem to be sculpted form living ice, or have dancing balefires for hair. Their gear appears to be of amazing, ancient make and strange materials – black iron, oddly green-hued bronze, unrecognizable leathers – worked with designs that echo ancient human cultures but are obviously of no human origin.

Background: Millennia ago, the Vo’lag fought against the hated wolf-men who kept them from plundering the warm, soft world. The Garou drove them into the cold of the north, into the sea of the east, but they escaped into places the wolves never found, waiting to be loosed in the final war. The war their grandfathers lost. This time they will win. This time the world is theirs.

The pack encountered one of these creatures while searching for the lost cub Harold Masters, mistakenly believing its rampage to be that of the Lunatic’s before putting it down, believing it to be a mere fomorian.


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