Creature Type: Vampire
Affiliation: Unclear, faintly Wyrm tainted
Location: New York City
Known Abilities: An old vampire, he’s exhibited more powerful versions of their strength, speed and durability. He can also sprout claws that deal aggravated damage and shapeshift into a wolf, bat and cloud of mist. He also seems able to vanish from sight when he so desires.

Image: A tall and powerfully built man with pale skin and solidly black, straight hair that reaches down to the small of his back. A carefully cultivated goatee does nothing to soften his blocky features. He usually wears a fitted dress shirt left untucked over worn jeans and heavy boots.

The leech calling himself Xaviar de Calais first appeared to the pack as a hulking white wolf investigating scenes of violence in their territory, disappearing without trace when spotted. – The Smiling One III

He was later called upon to assist the pack with both covering their tracks and intimidating an aged serial killer with nothing to lose. – Murder Will Out

As tensions among the city’s leech population increased, he arrived to warn the pack that conflicts could bleed into Garou territory, and offered them the opportunity to take sides. At their leisure, he offered to introduce them to the Camarilla, the Sabbat and his own elder and ancestor InyangaRite of Passage Take Two


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