Creature Type: Garou
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: Varies
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Black Spiral Dancers
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: 4 (Athro)
Known Abilities: Regarded as the most physically powerful werewolf in the world, with an array of followers and a wickedly effective Devil Whip.

Image: An unnaturally tall and thickly muscled Caucasian woman with skin nearly as pale as an albino’s and contrastingly raven black hair. She’s usually found wearing bizarre dominatrix gear and pierced through with silver jewelry in the most unlikely of places. Her furred forms are so deeply black that there are oily, violet highlights in her pelt, and she towers above even the largest of crinos forms.

Legends speak of this young up and comer amidst the fallen Garou, having broken her mother’s pelvis at birth and dedicating herself to the Green Dragon from the day of her first Change. She’s earned the title of the Green Dragon’s chosen, allowing her to spew toxic flame at her opponents. She’s also quite mad, as demonstrated by her klazomania, or compulsive shouting. She wields a Devil Whip called Btk’ukokinto to devastating effect, already well reputed for murdering Gaian Garou of far greater rank from the beginning. She seems to appear in public only to kill everyone she sees, neither torturing nor toying with foes, but simply annihilating them. She’s demonstrated inhuman strength on several occasions, bending steel or splintering oak, capable of killing even a Crinos formed garou in her homid form.

Like many Black Spiral Dancers, her name comes from the first sound she made after dancing the Black Spiral. In her case, a snapping of her jaws. She’s the alpha of the Dragon’s Daughter pack, including such beasts as Bleeding-Eyes, Pirog and Nhaukh, who has labelled her as a ‘chosen one,’ prophecized to crush the Last Gaian King beneath her heel.


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