Cash "Six-Rock" Monet (Departed)

The long-suffering mule.



Cash, Metis of the Get of Fenris. Born to a Hispanic father and black mother of neighboring Garou tribes in California. His father had never expected for a child to come of their time together, but when one did arrive, and arrived a brittle, baby crinos, he was ready to immediately kill the thing to be done with it. Under the urging of his mate, the boy was sent off to the Sept of the Sentinel to be raised for whatever value he might be able to provide, fulfilling his father’s obligations in the most begrudging fashion possible, and literally across the country.

While his deformity was not readily apparent at a glance, it quickly became known to those of the Sept that only his regeneration kept him from death at any moment. Every bone in his body was brittle, causing even the slightest of bumps to send myriads of bones into crumpled, cracked messes. Leaving him ill-suited to combat despite appearing relatively normal, he was raised primarily at the edges of the Sept, attempting to stay as hidden as possible while providing whatever meager service was possible. This primarily consisted of picking up the trash of the Sept, cleaning things and trying to stay as unseen as possible. This only works so well when one of the favorite games of the other wolves ends up being ‘Who Can Make the Metis Crunch the Loudest’.

In between days spent cleaning up and suffering broken limbs and ribs, he spent nights gathering what he could for an education, which primarily consisted of secondhand magazines and sneaking peeks of television shows and old Blaxploitation films watched on a scavenged, half-broken television set. At the age of five years, he experienced his first change, adding further fuel to the fire when he ended up changing and being far darker of skin than anyone had expected.

Despite this further cruel twist of fate, and urging from the Uktena of the Sept to join their ranks, Cash stayed with the tribe of the man who had sent him off to suffer. Through this, his real purpose became obvious to him. He was made to understand how his people were to survive; that no matter who spat on them, kicked them, broke them, that they had purpose to fulfill. All of this prepared for and led to his Rite of Passage to become a real member of the Get of Fenris.

Opportunity arose in dealings of the tribe with the Glass Walkers. They had been asking recently for a body, and with useful ones already sent to training for battle, having a Metis for use to appease Glasswalker allies worked well for the leadership of the Get.

Cash was shipped off to a Glass Walker facility in New York, sent with only directions in hand and the clothes on his back and left to make his way there. Upon arrival, and no shortage of getting lost after never having left the Sept since arriving, he was subjected to one simple task from the Glass Walkers. ENDURE.

Cash spent several months with the pack, but after Cleo’s death, he decided to depart with Bushido Brown to the east, seeking enlightenment through martial arts.

Cash "Six-Rock" Monet (Departed)

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