Creature Type: Changing Breed
Affiliation: Gaian
Location: Accountable Automotive Montauk, New York
Known Abilities: Traditional Changing Breed strength, regeneration and Gifts.

The Ajaba are a shape shifting race that was once included with the tribes of Bastet based on hyenas. But due to conflicts with the Simba werelions, the tribe was cast out and considered oath broken. In the distant past, these shapeshifters were respected for their role as trash collectors. Weak and aged creatures, tribal exiles and outlaws were hunted down and eaten, and bad children were lifted from their beds and taken into the night. The Ajaba, not truly catkind at all, were never well-liked, but they served a purpose. Many human tribes called them “Rainmakers” for the tears they caused to fall, and they secured their villages against the beast by lock, spell and spear. Bastet, especially among the Simba prides, took a more active role; if one of their kind was killed by the hyenas, the local werecats rushed into the night and took revenge. This went on for thousands of years; as far as the Ajaba were concerned, the Impergium never ended. The casualties they suffered in return seemed to be part of the cycle, and kept their own tribe from growing too large.

Before the rise of the Ahadi, the Ajaba were a struggling tribe that was teetering on falling to the Wyrm. When European invaders came into Africa, they brought with them guns, weapons and other troubles such as vampires, mages, and of course the Garou.
The last of these was a minor threat but the more normal threats wreaked havoc on the shapechangers of Africa.

Some of Gaia’s children, however, refused to lie down and suffer such indignities. One such individual was a Simba from Zululand in south Africa named Black Tooth.

As the ivory wars began in earnest during the latter part of the 1970’s, black tooth put together a pride of Simba which lashed out at all the European interlopers, be they supernatural or mundane in nature. There were vampires who were subjugated. Mages who were expunged, ghosts who were exorcised this left the land silent. He was not selective in his efforts all who trod upon African soil were subject to his whim, and those who opposed him were eliminated. Most of Africa’s bastet supported him, as he fought against the oppression of the colonials. On the Serengeti, the Ajaba refused Black Tooth’s rule and to his annoyance, refused to die.

The first of these to refuse to kneel before the unnatural might of Black Tooth were those of the Hyena’s King’s court. Black Tooth was not pleased with this, and set upon them with terrible rage. However it proved hard, nay almost impossible to kill the “the choosers of the slain”, for they knew the secrets of death and were strong in numbers. However, as is often the case here, the Ajaba were betrayed by one of their own. In 1984 Black Tooth learned the truth of the Ajaba’s Yava, and he used it to slaughter them in the Hyena King’s court in the Nogorongoro crater. The tribe’s numbers went from thousands strong to less than a handful in the span of a single battle, and with their defeat Black Tooth ruled the continent from the Sahara to the Kalahari.

This caused the tribe to become a scattered mess,determined to survive and return by any means necessary. Those with connections in the human world set up escape routes for their brothers and sisters, who took along a handful of ancestral Kinfolk as they left Africa. In overrun metropolises like Bombay, Calcurra, Los Angeles and Cairo, the Ajaba ran in packs, making what allies they could and keeping themselves alive. To endure, they were forced propagate as quickly and surely as possible. To that end, they made bargains with their spirit father Seb-at-Al, an incarnation of Cahlash and with other denizens of the urban darkness: Bone Gnawers, Ratkin, Nosferatu vampires and far worse. For breeding stock, zoos raids and grabbing what ever unsuspecting humans they could. From there they would drag their future mates into “fosterage dens” in the cities’ hidden places, where they would breed until they die. In the long run, the ancient rainmakers could have a had a legacy more corrupt than their tormentors: one of thievery and shame.

In Montauk, a small clan of Ajaba have taken a foothold at Accountable Automotive. Relationships have been strained at best, due to the Wyrm-tainted Mugabe hiding behind his matriarch Juno for protection after his assault on children in their care just before Superbowl Sunday. In the end his guilt was clear, but losing one of the few remaining members of her clan did not sit well with her.

After Black Tooth began his genocide against the hyena changers, the pack was alerted to the fact that a large group of Ajaba and their kinfolk would be moving to Montauk for safety. The increased numbers seemed to empower Juno, who the clan began to call their “little queen.” She demanded a place at the table alongside the Garou of the protectorate, and the pack decided to involve them with the Warg as an auxiliary force. – The Order of the Rose

Known Ajaba:


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