Location: The Umbra
Affiliation: N/A
Occupants: None

Some areas of the umbra have been blasted and drained, leached of all the Gnosis that would ordinarily sustain a spirit ecology. These are the Barrens, areas of spiritual drought.

On the physical side of a Barren, there are few visual cues that something is amiss, but the area has a subtly sterile feel to it. There’s less animal and plant life overall, and any people who live there seem to have been broken down by life into a joyless existence.

The spirit side of a Barren is more clearly distinct – no spirits at all populate the area, and the landscape itself is very distinct in form but bleached in color. The feling of sterility is much greater, making Garou very uncomfortable.

A Barren has debilitating effects on spiritual powers used in the vicinity. Gifts, rites and other powers that draw on the energy of the umbra are much harder to activate, suffering a -3 penalty.

The only Barrens encountered thus far was after the Cleansing Bane seemed to implode, darkening the portion of the Umbra around it so thoroughly that the pack found themselves shunted back to the physical world. – The Seventh Generation


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