Location: Montauk, NY
Affiliation: MS-13, Wyrm (Unwitting)
Occupants: MS-13

This run-down apartment complex stood on the very edge of the pack’s territory before they forcibly expanded by laying an assault on the structure and the gang that occupied it.

Following the trail of the kidnapped children from their territory, the Detectives had none-too-casually dropped some additional information regarding tips they’d received of a human trafficking ring involving the MS-13, which may well have included kidnapped teenagers. Understandably outraged, the pack debated a short time on whether they dared act on something outside of their territory, which is generally seen as an expansion by surrounding protectorates. In the end, it was decided that the welfare of the children mattered more than the added weight of a slice of crime-ridden downtown in their territory now.

After a brutal conflict with the gang-bangers of the area in which the pack was unable to take to crinos form under the prying eyes of the neighborhood, the criminals were killed to a man and the captives were set free. There was a brief struggle with an Ajaba known as Mugabe, who attempted to rape Cleo before being beaten unconscious. While the Detectives interviewed people outside, the pack set the building aflame and left little more than a charred husk of a lot by the time emergency responders arrived.

Since then, this became the site of an Omnicron station, burned down by Tommy Knockraha and Jack. – Rite of Passage Take Two


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