James Kiker

Creature Type: Human
Affiliation: Wyrm, Pentex
Location: Varies, often New York
Known Abilities: An exquisitely

Image: An unassuming looking bald, Caucasian man that appears about 70 years of age.
A successful South African businessman, James Kiker was a pioneer in subliminal advertising. His skillful use of television and commercials captivated millions of people, subtly influencing their urges to consume and waste as many resources as possible. The problem is that the strategy is growing old and dated. What Kiker has failed to do well is capitalize on the enormous growth in technology. His idea of clever new media is the cassette player. Because of his past achievements, some board members still support him. However the younger powers at Pentex think Kiker is a dinosaur who can’t keep up with the future.

After his defeat, the pack incarcerated him at North Brother Island, beseeching the Sept of the Green and the Sept of the Tower to assist in keeping him bound and out of the public eye. He claimed he would surely be destroyed by one of his many fel patrons if he was found out, and thus the joint “task force” has ensured he was well hidden from spiritual and mundane senses.

He requested the pack specifically to bargain for slightly better accommodations during his imprisonment. While many of his foul tattoos and brands had been burned away, many more yet remained to protect him. He confided information about Endron’s search for ancient, powerful Wyrm-creatures beneath the earth, the most prominent and expensive of which was being constructed off the north-west coast of Alaska, near the Sept of the Weeping Daughter. – The Weeping Daughter

During the events of Under a Blood Red Moon, Kiker was able to break through his wardings and reacquire his copy of Frater Vermiis’ The Pretanic Keys before making his escape. The pack was later informed by Andre Baptiste that he resided in New Mexico, for unknown purpose. – Fists of Avalon III

James Kiker

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