Lord Akbright

Creature Type: Once human, now no longer clear.
Affiliation: Defiler Wyrm, Seventh Generation
Location: His manse
Known Abilities: Inflicting overwhelming, supernatural despair.

The creature known as Lord Akbright was not born into power. No, he was once merely Cary Durvall, a native New Yorker who opted to affect a southern accent and old-fashioned suits to give himself greater gravitas. His inability to withstand anything dirty or filthy left him with an unmistakable scent of rubbing alcohol and other cleansers, making it easy for the pack to follow his scent.

Long before the pack came into direct conflict with Akbright, they did battle with his minions. First by destroying the Dirt Man and unwittingly bringing the attention of the Seventh Generation’s Snatchers onto themselves. Then they caught on to the abductions of children few authority figures would even take note of.

The pack cut a bloody trail through Akbright’s minions in the area, slaughtering a large number of his MS-13 dupes and destroying both his brothel and his Toad underling. Finally having enough of their interference, he laid a trap for them by hosting a grand party for his fellow deviants out in the center of the North Country Protectorate, believing himself and his guards more than adequate to destroying a young, upstart pack of Garou.

He hadn’t counted on the pack receiving the assistance and information of Heaven, teaching them not to step into the spirit while battling him, despite how he may attempt to lure them. Upon arriving at the manse, they sent the more mundane members of the party into a crazed delirium while dispatching his guards and witches. Though he did his best to hide behind the abducted children, he was ended when Waffles ripped him limb from limb and the pack burned his remains along the rest of his manse.

Lord Akbright

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