Montauk is a hamlet on the eastern end of the South Shore of Long Island, population 3,326.
Located at the tip of the South Fork peninsula of Long Island, Montauk has been used as an Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force base. The Montauk Point Light was the first lighthouse in New York state and is the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States.
Montauk is a major tourist destination and has six state parks. It is particularly famous for its fishing, claiming to have more world salt water fishing records than any other port in the world. Located 20 miles off the Connecticut coast, it is home to the largest commercial and recreational fishing fleet in New York state.
Home to the Montaukett tribe of Algonquian speakers, Dutch explorers “discovered” the land in 1614. Sold in bits and pieces by the native tribe, and has since served as one of the most important ports in the history of the United States. Now it is the Protectorate of the Wolves of Montauk, within the Long Island Protectorate, overseen by the Sept of the Green.

Places of Import

Accountable Automotive

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: Gaian (Ajaba)
Occupants: Juno, Obi, Zuberi

The junkyard over which this green garage has been built was once the dump site for the victims of the Dirt Man, both original and second generation. The negative resonance and Wyrmish taint is slowly receeding thanks to the Ajaba’s effort, though it’s still a work in progress. Recycling, re-refining and other such eco-friendly activities make the franchise a trendsetter in the area.

Though well within the pack’s territory, at least three of the were-hyenas live, work and operate from the establishment.

The Bar

Location: Montauk NY
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Occupants: The Scar Angels and their groupies.

This aged establishment doesn’t appear to have originally intended to a bar, nestled beside a set of long-unused train tracks just outside the pack’s current territory. Even so, the biker gang has moved in and begun serving alcohol – licence be damned – to one another and their groupies.

The pack visited the place in search of information concerning their rivals, the MS-13. They ended up departing when the police arrived wishing to shoot first and ask questions later.

Casa de Semiluna

Location: Montauk NY
Affiliation: Gaian (Nico’s establishment.)
Occupants: By and large humans, though Frau Kindertotten manages and several vampire patrons have been spotted.

Established early in 1981 through Nico’s various family connections, the Casa de Semiluna found itself with a liquor licence and a very desirious location. Though currently of middling success, business has begun picking up.

East Hampton High School

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: None, though a Wyrmish cult once used the location as a recruiting grounds.
Occupants: The average student body and faculty.

For a public school, this establishment is well-financed and kept well, due in large part to the rampant government cutbacks that funneled all remaining funds in the region to the sole remaining high school. The students here have parents that are unable to afford the more numerous private options, and are often bitter and exaggerated in their personal displays of wealth as a result. As a whole, the students are far better off than the surrounding public districts.

The pack infiltrated this school in the guise of students to seek out a Wyrm-cult recruiting from the populace. – A Mirror, Darkly

Fort Hill Cemetary

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: None
Occupants: Only the dead and groundskeepers.

Built on what was once a fortified village of the Cayuga Indians, Fort Hill Cemetery is now the resting place for such figures as Harriet Tubman and other men and women of repute, boasting a 56 foot limestone obelisk monument to Chief Logan of the Cayugas.

The pack first came here while hunting MoonBlayde, having to infiltrate a Revenant: the Ravishing LARP in order to unearth the vampire and his allies. Though they caused quite a stir when battle broke out between Garou and leech, it was waved off as another reason to ensure illegal events weren’t taking place on Long Island monument properties.

Montauk Playhouse Community Center

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: None
Occupants: Mundane humans of all sorts.

Originally build as a Tennis Auditorium in 1928, the building was positively immense. At the time of completion, it was the largest of its kind, directly across from the Montauk train station and just below the Montauk Manor, giving many visitors the first vision of Montauk proper. Since then it as served as a boxing exhibition, a Navy assembly hall and theater, an indoor arena for horse training, a seasonal theater and then was finally abandoned.

During the late 70s, the Montauk city council unilaterally opted to shut down most every community wellness program in favor of more ‘practical’ expenses. Cut taxes meant few voters disagreed, and thus the few community centers on Long Island dwindled and died as the last fundraisers and donor support tapered off.

Determined to improve the lives of youth in their territory, the Wolves of Montauk used vast quantities of cold, hard cash taken from the pockets of dead Seventh Generation supporters during the raid on Lord Akbright’s mansion to revitalize the very efforts he had once worked to crush.

Thus was born the Montauk Playhouse Community Center Foundation, Inc. An organized effort rose to save the historic Montauk Playhouse and create a home for arts, education, athletics and much needed community and human services again. Since then, the building has been beautifully restored and now hosts:

  • A child daycare center.
  • A senior nutrition center.
  • An adult day care center.
  • A high-school regulation-sized gymansium.
  • A fitness center and
  • A physical therapy practice.

Plans are currently underway for an aquatic center with lap and recreation pools as well as multi-use community rooms and lounges. Such plans are in need of over five million dollars for completion, so donors are still being sought.

Meryl Burghoff, a Silver Fang kinfolk turned child psychologist, works here during office hours.

Deep in the heart of the pack’s territory, several of the Garou feel a vested interest toward the community center, and thus keep a close eye on the place. They’ve already had to chase off a group of MS-13 trying to sell drugs on the premises, followed by nearly being arrested by the police themselves. The community has a long way to come, but it all begins somewhere.

During a lost cub’s escape from Valkenburg, the Garou crashed through the center’s parking lot, creating a stir and damaging some vehicles.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: Gaian (Garou)
Occupants: Wolves of Montauk

The oldest lighthouse in New York State was built in 1796 under authorization of George Washington himself, and still serves as an active aid to navigation. Maneuvering by the pack and Margrave Gregor Santovitch has designated the lighthouse a national historic landmark by the Secretary of the Interior. Though the site now plays frequent host to wedding ceremonies, tours and other special events, it also serves as a base of operations for the Wolves of Montauk, who have had themselves assigned legal custodianship of the site. It also serves as the current shelter for the Glasir and its keeper Naysie, as well as the pack’s foci, the Faithful Lifebuoy.

The pack’s home was ransacked during Superbowl Sunday, but after performing a quick patch-job to disguise claw marks, they called upon state funds to fix things up, claiming it was vandals. They offered favors to the Glass Walkers for repairs to the lighthouse itself, cementing up claw marks when they interred Timone’s body in the foundation.

Lance lives in a smaller bedroom with the pack, though he generally stays out of the way when he isn’t out in the city.

Raven Coffee Co.

Raven Coffee Company was founded in 1976 by it’s present owner, Trick. Formerly a book store, this two-story coffee shop has a lot of the old, hand-made wooden shelving still up on the walls, bearing lots of bibs and baubs from various parts of the worlds, ranging from painted coffee mugs to jade statuary of an indeterminate Asiatic culture. Probably mostly replica, but only Trick really knows!

Old-world design rugs are interspersed throughout the establishment over just-as-old, uneven hardwood flooring that has been meticulously taken care of, despite the warpage of age.

Seating downstairs is limited to about fifteen people at very most, but upstairs, along the overlook, there is room for another twenty seated. During the summer months, they put a couple of chairs and tables out front, too. Lighting is kept dim, the music is kept quiet, and patronage ebbs and flows based on college months, events and the like, but generally speaking, there are rarely more than five or six people here other than Trick and those in his employ.

Roy’s Guns

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: Republican
Occupants: Roy, various firearms enthusiasts

Roy’s Guns is the brainchild of Roy and one of the only gunshops on all of Montauk.

Stony Brook University

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: None
Occupants: The Smiling One, the Blissful Friends Network and many mundane teachers, staff and students.

The State University of New York at Stony Brook (commonly referred to as Stony Brook University, Stony Brook or SBU) is a public research university and flagship institution of New York.
The pack set foot here in search of Father, after hearing about him from Samuel Haight and being told by Sirius that the source of their territory’s eerie Umbral silence stemmed from this location. It was there they discovered the Smiling One and the Blissful Friends Network chapter of Long Island. – The Smiling One

The Valkenburg Foundation

Valkenburg Foundation

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: Gaian
Occupants: Gretchen Valkenburg, her staff and the several Lost Cubs and Lunatics they care for.

In the pack’s territory, there exists an institute dedicated to the care and healing of mental patients, patients who are particularly dangerous and violent and usually of multiple personality. Local residents stay well away from this place, knowing how dangerous the inmates are, for many are famed in tabloid lore for their brutal crimes.

They have good reason for their fear, for these patients are indeed mad. But madness alone could not cause their feats of terror and derangement. Only the blood of the Changing Breed can cause such rage. Only the Lunatic Garou are so crazed. The institute, called the Valkenburg Foundation, is dedicated to the healing of these poor Garou, those who had no one to aid them in the First Change. Alone and unsure of the horrible feelings they experienced, these Garou resisted their natural urges with supreme willpower. They resisted the Change and their heritage thereof. However, no amount of willpower can be marshaled to deny one’s very nature; the strain broke them,
leaving them with shattered personalities.

The Foundation gathers Lunatics from all over, extracting them from human or wolf society. They are then brought to the institute, for study to help them adjust to their nature. Often it is too late for the Lunatics to adjust to being shapechangers. In these cases, the Foundation works to make them comfortable with only one of their forms, Lupus or Homid. They then release them into their form’s natural environment, keeping a silent watch on them for the first few months. Their cure success rate has been phenomenal. But this has not avoided the raging controversy among the Garou as to the Foundation’s right to exist. Many lupus doubt the need for the institute. They believe the Lunatics must be allowed to die or thrive as their mad nature allows. If death be their fate, so be it, but otherwise the Garou should not interfere. They further argue that, by releasing them back into society or the wilderness, they risk the blood line, tainting it with sick blood.

Homids, however, argue otherwise, with help from the Children of Gaia. They see reform of the Lunatics to be healthy for the Garou. In this time of dwindling population, they believe that any Garou is worth saving.

The Wolves of Montauk have lived in harmony with the Foundation, allowing it’s construction in their territory and supporting the organization’s aims. However, with the death of Harold Masters and a serious breach of the Veil, both the pack and the Sept of the Green find themselves reconsidering.


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