Montauk Point Lighthouse

Location: Montauk, New York
Affiliation: Gaian (Garou)
Occupants: Wolves of Montauk

The oldest lighthouse in New York State was built in 1796 under authorization of George Washington himself, and still serves as an active aid to navigation. Maneuvering by the pack and Margrave Gregor Santovitch has designated the lighthouse a national historic landmark by the Secretary of the Interior. Though the site now plays frequent host to wedding ceremonies, tours and other special events, it also serves as a base of operations for the Wolves of Montauk, who have had themselves assigned legal custodianship of the site. It also serves as the current shelter for the Glasir and its keeper Naysie, as well as the pack’s foci, the Faithful Lifebuoy.

The pack’s home was ransacked during Superbowl Sunday, but after performing a quick patch-job to disguise claw marks, they called upon state funds to fix things up, claiming it was vandals. They offered favors to the Glass Walkers for repairs to the lighthouse itself, cementing up claw marks when they interred Timone’s body in the foundation.

Lance lives in a smaller bedroom with the pack, though he generally stays out of the way when he isn’t out in the city.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

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