Creature Type: Ajaba
Affiliation: Wyrm, Seventh Generation
Location: Brothel
Known Abilities: Traditional Changing Breed strength, regeneration and Gifts.

The were-hyena known as Mugabe was the first Ajaba the pack encountered, having joined the ranks of the MS-13 despite his mixed latino-african heritage. They found him enjoying the spoils of a human trafficking Brothel, where he attempted to rape Cleo before she subdued him by bashing his head into a sink.

Clearly scented of the Wyrm and having taken many horrific liberties with the victimized children, the pack only allowed him to live so they could extract information from him. It was a difficult process once they discovered silver caused him no more discomfort than any other material, and he didn’t believe they would kill him without getting the information they needed. He informed them he would tell them what they wanted if they let him loose, and allowed him to finish what he’d started with Cleo.

The pack refused, of course, but could not figure out exactly what to do with him. After a bit more deliberation, Nico finally decided to simply kill him. Upon hearing that revelation, the Ajaba grew much more talkative, agreeing to tell them all he knew if they simply settled for letting him go, no Cleo involved. It was still a decision the pack was uncomfortable with, as he was a pedophile and Wyrm-tanted violater, but they were left with little choice.

He set them on the trail of the Seventh Generation who had taken the children. Specifically Lord Akbright, though he didn’t know the man’s name. After providing the promised information, Waffles attempted to renege on the deal and grab the man, but he’d been expecting it and fled into the streets.

With the taste of his blood, the pack swore to finish the job of killing him when next the opportunity presented itself.

As it happened, that opportunity came only days later, when the pack recaptured his scent at Accountable Automotive. After confronting Juno over the matter, they returned home to find Mugabe attempting to kill off the children that could serve as the only proof he did anything punishable by his matriarch. Though he did a great deal of damage to the lighthouse and the pack’s home, he was defeated, bound and then held for Juno’s arrival for judgement.

In the end, Nico beheaded him with Chiroptera’s Claw.


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