Seventh Generation

Of all the mortal manifestations of the Wyrm, none are more secretive, insidious, invisible, all-pervasive and well-protected than the members of the Defiler Wyrm cult called the Seventh Generation. Its concealment is so complete that though it reaches into the very highest levels of power in government and business, it remains completely unknown to the world’s intelligence community and to the Wyrm-sensitive Garou. Only the highest Seventh Generation leaders know how far the cult’s corrosive touch extends.
On the surface, the Seventh Generation is an interlocking network of thoroughly corrupted businessmen, politicians, military leaders, religious figure, wealthy heir and serial killers. These figures are all willing servitors of the Wyrm, and their chief goal is spreading the Wyrm’s influence across the world and corrupting the bonds of harmony that unite mankind and all living things. Beneath the surface they are a squabbling, backbiting mob of bitter, miserable creatures with stunted spirits and no love for each other or themselves.
The cult’s world headquarters used to be in Europe, but since world power has shifted to the New World, its largest cells are now in the U.S., operating largely out of New York City.
Like other groups that serve at the behest of the Wyrm, the Seventh Generation is fundamentally concerned with the destruction of Gaia in form and spirit. It wishes to inculcate the Wyrm into everything, matter and spirit. Its final goal is the corruption of everything in Gaia and the ultimate destruction of everything in the universe.
Unlike the cult’s Wyrm-fed brethren, the Seventh Generation rejects direct assaults on the global environment and over contamination of the biological world. It sees these tactics as too crude, too obvious and all too easily opposed by the powerful spirits of Gaia, to whom a known enemy is often a defeated enemy.
It does not destroy its targets in outright, explosive confrontations. Instead, its assault on Gaia is secretive, indirect and very personal. The Seventh Generation seeks to hollow out the living world with a creeping, spreading cancer that remains hidden below the surface of Gaia’s consciousness, unseen and unfelt until it runs its course. It wants the world to remain blissfully unaware of its work until its minions have eaten through the healthy flesh of the world-body and replaced it with rank, tumorous tissue breeding out of control.
Its target: children. Its weapon: despair and defilement.

The First Violation: Assaults on the Innocent

The cult of the Seventh Generation amasses great power and invokes the Wyrm on the material plane through the weapons of sexual brutality, rape and murder of innocents. These atrocities, rampant as they are, are only the beginning of the cult’s work. If its work ended there, mankind as a whole would rise up and destroy the offender. Molestation is just the spark which ignites the inferno that is the Defiler Wyrm.

The Second Violation: The Strangulation of Trust

Human beings are remarkably resilient, and can endure tremendous physical and emotional pain with minimal damage. The betrayal that accompanies such acts, however, is far more damaging.
To create real suffering, the Seventh Generation compound the initial assault by ensuring that the innocent who is harmed feels a deep sense of betrayal. This betrayal is usually evoked by victimization at the hands of a loved one or a subsequent victimization by society. Arranging for society at large to further violate the victim is a difficult task that requires a coordinated effort on several fronts.
The political wing of the Seventh Generation starts by ensuring that children have no rights and women have difficulty exerting control over their reproductive systems. This keeps women overly dependent on men and sometimes resentful of their children, who have little legal protection from secretive abusers.
The medical branch of the Seventh generation maneuvers behind the scenes to make sure that the children of abuse have no recourse, no sympathetic ear and no one whom they can trust to take their stories seriously.
Arranging this societal violation, a violation which runs against the deepest human sentiments, has been a tremendously difficult task for the minions of the Defiler Wyrm. In order to subvert the deep natural instincts of humans to respect, trust and protect abused children and raped women, the Wyrm’s agents appeal to deep-seated insecurities. They play on fears of loss of status, of children eclipsing parents, of men becoming subordinate to women. The Seventh Generation began this work in prehistory, when men and women Jived as equals and Gaia was revered by all. The agents of the Wyrm can claim credit for toppling the ideal of sexual equality and installing the male as the dominant sex. Men and women suffer equally under the cruel heel of this unbalanced directive, but have been subtly conditioned to accept it as the natural order.
This unnatural division in the holy bond between men and women has spawned a far more wrenching separation. Men and women whose relationships are built on fear, distrust and disunity cannot form truly spiritual unions with their children. This results in parents who are alienated from the very children they brought into the world. And in a frightening number of cases it results in something far worse: emotional, physical and sexual abuse. This original violation is compounded by a cover-up of the abuse. The unity of family trust is destroyed, shattered into a thousand guilty family secrets.
The Defiler Wyrm’s minions have succeeded so completely that few victims of rape, sexual harassment or pedophilia dare to come forward, and those who do are thoroughly discredited. The larger community is exhorted to circle the wagons around any prominent figure accused these horrific crimes, and insulate him from his accusers. His status is used as a defense, as if prominent and powerful people are incapable of committing despicable acts. The violator is painted as a victim, and the victim is made to suffer another round of violations by the social order.
This is the genius and the horror of the Seventh Generation.

The Third Violation: Secrets

But the Seventh Generation’s greatest accomplishment is not that it succeeded in establishing a monstrous culture of abuse, but that it was actually able to cover it up, and keep it a cripplingly powerful secret. Neither the abusers nor the abused can break the cycle, get help, or report the truth without suffering the scorn and rejection of the larger community: a community grappling with exactly the same issues.
The children who survive such predations grow up with hateful secrets festering deep inside them. Their trust has been violated in a way that kills all innocence and beats down their essential humanity. This creates a painful inner wound that bleeding. This wound, shrouded in shadows alike a black hole in the spirit. And in that dark the Wyrm grows.

The Fourth Violation: The Victim as the Victimizer

Like an unholy egg, the Wyrm grows in the heart of the victim. If he does not acknowledge, embrace and heal this deep spiritual wound, he risks becoming a perpetual victim or victimizer. He will either seek to be abused and tolerate the abuse of his own children, or he will become an abuser himself.
The original violation always compounds itself in the dark. When the child grows up, he treats his children the same way he was treated. Without healing, it is nearly impossible to do otherwise.
If the abused child grows up without ever exorcising the horrors of the past, his mind locks out the damaging memory, and he gradually forgets the past terrors. The pain resurfaces every time he tries to remember it, so he refuses to think about that time. Some children are aware of this as a black hole in their memories: they can recall before and after that time, but not during. •
The Wyrm takes root in this dark place, and grows. It makes the victim resent his own children and often pass along the abuse he suffered. Those who refuse to examine their wounds, and experience the pain of them, cannot heal. They are doomed to let the Wyrm grow unchecked inside them, and are very likely to offer up their own children to their tormentors.
This dark heritage is passed from parent to child, generation after generation. And so the Wyrm turns full circle, as tainted parents offer their children up for the violations they suffered.

The Fifth Violation: The Death of Hope

Because of the ingenuity of this self-perpetuating cycle, the Seventh Generation does not need to use magical means to control a spiritually wounded person. Instead, they can count on him to act in the interests of the Wyrm, hurting anyone who becomes close to him and passing on his wound to his children. The Wyrm virtually controls him, but spells cannot detect the Wyrm’s magical presence within him.
The Defiler Wyrm calls on his unwitting hosts to further his work on earth, and their accomplishments are legion. They have enshrined greed above compassion. They have committed genocide. They have instituted slavery secretly and legally. They have crushed women’s rights. They have destroyed rightful governments in coups, and covered up the coups. And they continue to defile children the world over. These endless violations of trust take their toll on each new generation. They create a pervasive atmosphere of hopelessness that has extended over most of the world.

The Council of the Pentarch: The Five Branches of the Seventh Generation

The Seventh Generation comprises five distinct branches that have virtually no direct communication with one another. These five branches, collectively known as the Council of the Pentarch, are the Government Caste, Business Caste, Medical Caste, Snatchers Caste, and Warrior Caste. They all know their jobs and do their work with a minimum of coordination from the top. Because of this extreme autonomy, they are able to elude the eyes of even hardcore conspiracy seekers.

Organization and Communication

The whole organization is run by the five heads of each branch. These ancient dictators usually make decisions on their own, but occasionally take orders from Wyrm creatures deep within the Umbra. When direct communication through the Umbra becomes necessary, the leader usually disappears and is replaced by a subordinate.
The Council of the Pentarch moderates the cult and regulates its functioning. The leaders only meet during crises, and even then they prefer to communicate in coded messages sent through the Umbra. If they met often, mortals could expose their conspiracy, so they avoid any direct contact. This has allowed them to preserve their secrecy not only from the mortal world, but from the forces of Gaia. To conduct day-to-day business, they learn the decisions of the other heads through very mundane, conventional information sources. Since they know one another’s codes, they can read a great deal of meaning in otherwise innocuous public statements made in the conventional media by their spokesmen. This protects them from their magical enemies, and allows their communication to remain undetectable by magical means. It also protects them from their human enemies, since it keeps them free of conspiracy charges.


The heart of the Seventh Generation’s magic power is an ancient system of precisely timed rituals. By performing its rituals in tandem, the cult creates a pool of rich, magical energy, which is fed to Seventh Generation cells throughout the world.
This clockwork timing is a great strength, but it also leaves the cult vulnerable to attack. If just one cult group is disrupted during the ritual, the entire ritual will fail and the participants may suffer tremendous psychic backlash. For this reason, security


The minions of the Defiler Wym1 pay a heavy price for their power. Unlike their victims, who unknowingly allow the Wyrm to grow in their souls, the members of the Seventh Generation willingly invite the Wyrm into their hearts. This leaks corruption into every cell in their bodies.
The greater the minions’ power, the greater the psychic pollution. Their growing disconnection from the natural world makes them grow ill. They have an aura of unhealthiness and sadness about them. As the Wyrm subverts their natural systems, they slowly become immune to real healing, and can only rely on drugs to mask the pain and anesthetize them from the symptoms of their increasingly terrible ills. To survive the horrors within them, they must disassociate themselves from their feelings.
As they approach death they often feel a growing sense of hollowness. They often become terrified at the prospect of dying, even though the Wyrm has promised them a glorious afterlife. This, combined with the horrid infirmities of age, makes them fanatically pursue life extension.
They battle and betray one another with ruthless abandon to gain the Wyrm’s favor and a few more artificially extended years. The older they live, the greater their inner pain and dislocation, and the greater their fear of death. When they finally die, they die in agony.

Power Flow

In the Seventh Generation, power begins with the Snatchers. These psychotic molesters are responsible for acquiring the children that are vital to Seventh Generation magical energy. Contrary to popular hysteria, very few of their victims are kidnapped off the streets by strangers. Those that are snatched by strangers are taken to keep the public frightened and off balance, and to maintain the pretense that the greatest danger to children comes from lone lunatics who are strangers to the family. The secret scandal is that most of the Snatchers’ victims are taken with the parents’ consent.
Many children are sold to the Snatchers for cash, swapped for power, given as payment for blackmail, or simply abandoned. Strangely enough, most children the Snatchers acquire are actually given willingly by their parents with no real reward. These parents, usually unhealed victims with huge abuse wounds of their own, offer their children into the cycle of abuse for reasons few sane people can truly comprehend. Because such behavior is utterly irrational to the population, the Seventh Generation has little difficulty denying all such revelations. This behavior sounds clearly impossible.
Once the Snatchers have taken children, they perform the basic ritual sacrifices that provide the Seventh Generation with their power. They then funnel this magical energy to the Wyrm and to other Castes. They also deliver living children to members of the other four branches of the group for their private rituals. The only times members of different branches get together is for these highly secretive ritual sacrifices.
The Government Caste then covers the tracks of the Snatchers and foments hysteria over non-Wyrm kidnappings to obscure the real abductions. The Snatchers are paid well by the Business Caste, and given all the cars, houses and equipment they need.
The Medical Caste makes sure the Snatchers receive unquestioned access to conventional medicine, without messy complications like police reports of bullet wounds. The Medical Caste can also use Wyrm magic to patch up severe wounds. This repair makes the Snatchers more internally corrupted and weakens their free will. Too much reliance on the Medical Caste causes a Snatcher to be completely taken over by a supernatural Wyrm creature.
The Warrior Caste makes sure that the Snatchers are not really caught, and that evidence of the severity of the problem is destroyed. They also serve as the last line of defense against powerful forces of Gaia, like the Garou. The most complex task falls to the Medical Caste. They must cover up the ongoing tragedy of generational abuse.

Politics of the Seventh Generation

The minions of the Defiler Wyrm tear at each other over petty matters and cause their patron deep wounds that never heal. Like most groups allied to the Wyrm, the Seventh Generation suffers from a painful, systemic schizophrenia. They demand total loyalty, but only really reward cold, cruel treachery. Because the most powerful members can prolong their lives and become functionally immortal, there is no real path for upward mobility within the ranks. Merit, youth and new ideas have little place in a status quo so entrenched and so hidebound.
Those aspirants who become the submissive followers of a strong leader can gain a measure of power, but they must always serve at the behest of their patron, and live in fear of a fall from favor. If they gain too much power, their paranoid mentors often quickly move to crush them. This keeps power in the Seventh Generation firmly locked away from all newcomers. Unlike vampires, who endure similar conditions of immortality, the agents of the Defiler Wyrm quickly crush any attempt at organization by their progeny. Therefore, all power plays must be rapid, decisive, self-contained, and leave no room for error. This usually requires treachery. The only way a member of the Seventh Generation can take over a rival’s position is to crush him by force and consume his power. This rewards betrayal and internecine strife, and leaves the group vulnerable in many places.
Power-hungry rivals will readily use outside agents against each other. Once the Garou are aware of the Seventh Generation’s plots, they can tear deep rents in the Seventh Generation by exploiting these rifts.

Cracking the Code: Seventh Generation Ciphers Exposed

The Seventh Generation’s agents speak to each other through public sources in order to avoid being seen conspiring. They communicate by using specific code words with meanings that often directly oppose the actual phrases.
Children’s Rights: This idea is to be scorned, ridiculed and rejected. Any attempts to assert that children should gain the ability to free themselves from abusive parents should be derided: “allowing children to sue their parents over being made to take out the trash.”
Environmentalism: This is a force of Gaia and a direct threat to our power. Heap ridicule on it, and make it seem foolish and “out of touch.” Likewise, feminism, racial unity and peace can pose a threat. Scorn them as well, but subtly.
Law and Order: Use these as threats to any who challenge the power of the Wyrm. Youth, minorities and women are to be locked out of power by our invisible rules. Any attempt to gain power through unconventional means must be challenged as a threat to law and order. Crime is always to be associated with the young and with ethnic minorities. It is never to be associated with authority figures, and if it is, it must be softened by calling it “white-collar crime.” The word “crime” is far too potent to be associated with our kind. Such unvarnished language would lead to a clamor for white-collar criminals to be punished.
States’ Rights: When forces of change in the federal government try to end oppression at a state level, insist on states’ rights, even when our side is clearly in the wrong. We will thus rally our supporters against “unwarranted intrusion.” In this manner, even when the tide of history is against us, we can still create pockets where change is unwelcome and the Wyrm can flourish.
Religious War: This is a new phrase we are field testing. As forces of healing surround us, our dominance is threatened. To counter this, we shall have our mortal subjects crown themselves as “good and moral people,” and brand anyone trying to present a healthy sexual attitude as immoral and launching a religious war against us. As Gaia’s sexual energies reassert themselves in the world, we need to rally our subjects with a cry of Religious War.
Traditional Values: Guilty secrets within the family must always be protected. Loyalty to abusers within the family is the cornerstone of our power. This insulation is the tradition that we value. The continuity of the sacred becomes the continuity of secrets. To purify this message in these turbulent times, and preserve our ability to corrupt generations, we shall distill this phrase to “family values.”

The Five Castes of the Pentarch

The Seventh Generation’s five branches, called castes, are all indispensable for the operation of the group. Each caste has autonomy, and the five work together, spinning a web of oppressive power. However, like most Wyrm followers, the members of each caste do not trust or respect the other castes or one another.

The Government Caste: Protection and Policy

This is the strongest single branch of the Seventh Generation. Its members wield the most clout, and shape the policies that the others follow. They are rarely actual government officials, but are the advisors and powers behind the throne. Elected officials are their puppets. Thus the members of the Government Caste are not subject to being voted out of office, and can try to influence each successive elected leader.
These Wyrm followers invariably are disdainful, dour patricians with insincere smiles. They are rich, and often look vaguely unhealthy and uncomfortable. They are disconnected from their fellow men and their own emotions. =They thus re-create themselves with affectations and mannerisms designed to enforce a position of superiority. They cultivate a distinguished facade, and invariably speak with false accents. In the northern regions of the U.S., the members of the Government Caste speak with exaggerated upper-crust inflections patterned after British accents. In the southern U.S., they use slangy Southern drawls patterned after the accents of the common people, but greatly exaggerated for effect.
In the U.S., Canada and Europe, the members are mostly male and mostly white. In order to co-opt the women’s movement, they have recently allowed women to join, but they only let in very mannish women – women who have crucified their femininity on the altar of power and have no real concern for women’s issues. Likewise they now admit ethnic minorities, but only those who have no connections to or sympathies for minorities. The Government Caste has extended itself into all of the governments of the world at all levels but the most local. A small handful of well-placed government officials are actual members who take part in rituals. Other officials are puppets of the group who know nothing of the Defiler Wyrm and its goals. What they do understand is the money and the political power that the Mephistophelian tempters of the Seventh Generation offer in return for unquestioning loyalty.
Most Seventh Generation allies, however, gain nothing from the group at all. They simply respond to undisguised appeals to ego, and relish the feeling of raw power and cruel dominance they get from their alliance with the Wyrm. They get to join the confident, self-assured, elite members of the Seventh Generation old-boy’s network, which allows and encourages the ritual humiliation of women, the domination of children, the destruction of enemies and the conquest of the natural world. This is a seductive lure to insecure politicians, many of whom eagerly lap it up.
These Defiler Wyrm agents mastermind the cover-up of all evidence of the Seventh Generation. Thus the real Wyrm agents are not always the ones who squelch children’s rights, women’s rights, civil rights and other challenges to the Wyrm’s power. This makes it difficult to pinpoint who is an actual member of the Seventh Generation and who is not.
Seventh Generation agents have infiltrated all branches of government, including the courts. Their mastery of the political process is so complete that they are able to convince otherwise rational juries to accept that rape victims are to blame for the crimes against them, and that rich sex offenders must be innocent if they are important members of the community.
Agents of the Wyrm in warring nations cooperate to complete their agenda, despite the toll on their fellow countrymen. This single-minded focus on the business of the Wyrm has allowed like-minded hard-liners to conspire even in times of war.

The Business Caste: Liquid Assets and Legitimacy

The Business Caste is crucial to obtaining the money and legitimacy that the Seventh Generation members crave. Its members run powerful businesses and worship greed as the highest virtue. They aggressively use public relations to purvey the notion of the sanctity of corporations: according to their dogma, corporations have no responsibility to anything other than the bottom line. They gleefully sacrifice the environment, the lives of their workers, and the health of their customers.
The allure of this branch is unmistakable, and its philosophy is the clearest of all the castes: profit without conscience. Its members need precious few code words and little arm-twisting to convert others. They don’t need to work hard to get people to sell out, because so many people are eager to buy in. It’s a buyer’s market in souls.
As a result, the Business Caste always has lots of money to funnel to the other castes, and plenty of legitimacy to cloak any Seventh Generation members who get caught molesting children.
The Seventh Generation regards religion as another business to corrupt, and ranks the clergy as Business Caste members. The cult’s tentacles reach deeply into some churches.

The Medical Caste: Anguish and Authority

The medical branch of the Seventh Generation is directly concerned with nurturing the pain inflicted by the other branches, and seeing to it that the anguish blossoms into corruption and madness. Its members are the most directly involved with the work of the Defiler Wyrm, and not just the Wyrm in general. They use their staggering influence in the medical, psychiatric and religious community to head off any real attempts to heal the damage caused by the Wyrm.
Throughout Earth’s history, the forces of life have always replenished themselves and worked to heal old wounds. The world seeks to restore a wholeness with all life on Earth. This natural tendency toward reinvigoration and revitalization is the eternal enemy of the Medical
Caste, since it can wash away corruption and purify tainted hearts.
The ancient progenitors of the Medical Caste fought losing battles against shamans who were armed with the potent forces of Gaia. Each time a shaman was destroyed, the people produced a new one. To stop this, the Wyrm’s minions had to destroy the shamans and replace them with entities of their own. These false shamans had to convince the people that they were capable of healing, and had to perform rudimentary bone setting and other simple medical practices. Over a very long period, the true shamans could not maintain the support of their own people, and they perished.
Thus the Medical Caste was born, and its members took the roles of real healers. They split the shaman’s role into two parts, thus wrenching apart the indivisible physical and spiritual nature of mankind. They created doctors to minister to the body and priests to minister to the soul, and fought all attempts at unity.
The Medical Caste replaced holistic and integrated healing with a plan to suppress symptoms of illness. Spiritual wounds of the sort inflicted by the Wyrm manifest in the physical world as illness and alienation. The sickness and misery are early warning signs of a deep problem, and can only truly be healed by recognizing, confronting and embracing the darkness, and then fostering new life. The Medical Caste prescribes drugs to hide the symptoms of illness, so the wounds will grow. Its members teach people to suffer their emotional wounds in silence or use drugs to mask them.
Throughout history, the members of the Medical Caste used their power to increase human suffering under the pretense of curing the sick, and delighted in prescribing leeches, arsenic, bloodletting, electroshock, unnecessary surgery and amputations without anesthesia.
But the Defiler Wyrm was not always successful. The forces of healing continued to resurface and challenge the Medical Caste’s monopoly on medicine. One such challenge came during the Age of Enlightenment. Some intellectuals grew dissatisfied with the failed nostrums of the past, and launched a quest to understand the very nature of the mind and human will.
Attempts to discredit the vanguard of the growing psychiatric movement failed, and by the 19th century, it had made major discoveries about human behavior. It recommended that all people take charge of their own emotional health. The Seventh Generation recognized the dangers of people taking responsibility for their own internal lives, and struck back. It worked to subvert the new science of psychology just as it had once subverted the healing power of the shamans.
Sigmund Freud stumbled upon the Seventh Generation’s great secret early in his career. He learned that an extraordinarily pervasive underground culture of child abuse flourished just out of sight of most people. When he made his findings known to the emerging psychiatric community of the day, he ran into powerful opposition. Influential members of the Seventh Generation, working through Freud’s friends and colleagues, informed the young doctor that his conclusions were gravely erroneous. They let him know that if he proceeded with his work, they would disown him and cast him out of their community.
Shocked by this backlash, Freud agreed to reevaluate his findings. He changed them slightly, deciding that the staggering numbers of cases of child sexual abuse he discovered as he worked with traumatized adult survivors were really nothing more than products of active childish imaginations. He turned his theory about the damage of sexual abuse into the theory of infantile sexuality.
The Seventh Generation embraced Freud’ s reversed explanation and elevated the man to godlike heights. In one decisive move the cult subverted a great tool for healing, and turned modem psychoanalysis into a willing tool of the Defiler Wyrm.
Following this dizzying success, the Medical Caste was comfortable to withdraw from direct intervention. It left well-intentioned psychiatrists to do its dirty work, convincing multitudes of sad and wounded children that they were never abused.
The Medical Caste is now comfortable to do little more than make sure that women’s health issues go underfunded and close ranks around psychiatrists caught abusing their power and sexually exploiting their clients. They protect the offending psychiatrists with money and high-powered legal aid, and destroy the careers of psychiatrists who break ranks to try to bring cases against the offenders. Due to the Seventh Generation’s great influence and power, most psychiatrists caught sexually exploiting vulnerable patients are still practicing. Likewise, they make sure that priests who commit pedophilia are simply reassigned to other dioceses, even when caught in the act. The Defiler Wyrm takes care of its own.
Since the Medical Caste has been so wildly successful in the past, it believes it doesn’t have to work as hard as the other castes during day-to-day operations, even though its job, preventing real healing, is far more difficult.

The Snatchers Caste: Resources and Rituals

Of all the members of the Seventh Generation, these are the most volatile and unstable, and the rest of the Defiler Wyrm’s subjects try to stay as far away from them as possible. They are all former victims of horrendous abuse who never received any help or comfort. Their psychic traumas turned into gaping wounds, for they refused to acknowledge or embrace their suffering. These unhealed wounds made them easy prey for the Defiler Wyrm, who helped mold them into heartless butchers devoid of any trace of empathy.
The hunt is what appeals to the Snatchers. They love to victimize and control, to feel absolute power over someone. The Snatchers are people who have been dominated and manipulated. They displace their anger over this onto innocents whom they can dominate and manipulate. They get to decide who lives and who dies. They are hypersensitive to criticism, and feel great inadequacy. They are uncomfortable in the presence of others, even each other.
Because their wounds are so extreme and their corruption so total, they are erratic and unreliable servitors. They often do not deliver their victims properly, and put the “respectable” members of the Seventh Generation at great risk of discovery. Snatchers often find themselves at odds with the Warrior Caste of the Seventh Generation, who ruthlessly weed out Snatchers whom they deem too impulsive, untrustworthy or downright dangerous.
Many Snatchers hate the Warriors, and feel that they should have both jobs. This is the greatest animosity between two Seventh Generation castes, and the friction it causes has led to explosive battles. When these battles occur, the other branches must subsequently expend great resources covering up the trail.

Warriors: Intimidation and Destruction

The Warrior Caste is a broadly based coalition of homids pledged to the forces of destruction, and is the only Seventh Generation caste to completely exclude women. Its mission is to destroy all the enemies of the Wyrm and to stop the forces of healing. Its members have infiltrated the upper ranks of the military, Special Forces and police in every nation, and have set the context for behavior and attitude for the rank and file.
They abuse their positions of trust to wage a covert war against the forces of Gaia, such as earth elementals and the Garou. They arm themselves with both conventional weapons and Wyrm magic, and shroud themselves in a protective mantle of national security and Wyrm spells. Their numbers are small, but they command vast legions of innocent humans, and so their influence is tremendous.
Using intimidation, fraud and assassination, they have altered the course of history around the world. They have rigged elections and kept dictators in power. Unlike the Government Caste, which debates policy constantly, the Warrior Caste has a clear and simple set of objectives and almost never alters its policies. This gives its members a single-minded focus that is the envy of the other castes.
The only overt internecine power struggle in which the members of the Warrior Caste indulge themselves is a war with the Snatchers. They do not want the Snatchers’ job, but know that the Snatchers covet the position of the Warriors. They work hard to ensure that the disorganized Snatchers cannot rise up and try to take over their domain.
They systematically destroy any Snatcher that threatens to become an effective leader. When a Snatcher goes out of control, they transmit secret Wyrm information about the Snatcher to the appropriate police and national security forces. When the Snatcher is caught, the Warrior Caste member who provided the information gains power among the mortal police. When the betrayed Snatcher tries to reveal the conspiracy and point out the Wyrm agents within the police force, the Medical Caste mobilizes to discredit and incapacitate the Snatcher.

The pack was alerted to Chester Van Gelding by Andre Baptiste, a member of the Pentex board of directors. Finding Gelding to be distasteful and overt, Pentex desired to oust him from the control he had accumulated of the local Avalon Incorporated branch, and thus provided the Garou with intel regarding his location. – Fists of Avalon III

Known Seventh Generation Affiliates:

Seventh Generation

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