Creature Type: Fomori
Affiliation: Wyrm
Location: MS-13 Lieutenant’s House
Known Abilities: Tough hide, poisonous tongue, dying fast and squealing like a pig.

This ugly piece of work was first spotted from the umbra of the MS-13 Lieutenant’s House, where it became apparent his spirit reflection was that of a fomori. Waffles quickly discerned it was a Toad; something akin to middle management for the Wyrm and it’s forces. This one appeared to have risen high in the ranks of the MS-13, using them as unwitting pawns.

They struck at him quickly, diving from the umbra and into his home, where he was brutally cut down and then killed by having a television smashed over his head by Cleo. He barely had time to take his true form, with warty skin and a long, venom-dripping tongue before it was ended.

Afterward, the pack encountered the Cleansing Bane destroying his remains.


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