Victimized Children

These five children are homeless or neglected boys and girls that had been snatched from the pack’s territory to be further debased and abused by the Seventh Generation. Now that they’ve been rescued, the pack shelters them at the Montauk Point Lighthouse and seeks to tend to the gaping wound in their spirit-selves.

Each of the children handles their trauma in their own fashion, but all seem oddly uncomfortable around any adult in homid form. The closer a Garou is to crinos, the more at ease they seem. This may be due to the fact that the pack were in their crinos forms when the children were rescued from Lord Akbright’s manse, especially since their violations have left them unable to experience the delirium.

Each had a faint scent of the Wyrm to them, forcing the pack to keep their presence quiet from all but Heaven. This was made easier by the fact that they rarely leave one another’s side.

In an attempt to hide any lingering evidence of wrongdoing, Mugabe assaulted the children just before Superbowl Sunday, trying to kill off the last of the witnesses. They took shelter in the lighthouse, hiding long enough for the pack to return and put an end to the Ajaba assailant.

More recently, Naysie has been inhabited by a Glade Child, turning her into a Kami with strong enough purification abilities to wipe clean the hole in each spirit, immunizing them against future Wyrm-taint. Now back in Heaven’s care, it seems they may grow to become whole and happy (albeit immune to the delirium) humans once more.

Victimized Children

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